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It Will Be Renamed "Bitter-Coin" When All Is Said And Done

When Bitcoin was near $20,000 and cryptocurrencies were the “talk of the town”, yours truly was suggesting a 50% to 90% eventual loss. I believed that none of them should be considered until after the inevitable…

One More "Reminder" Before Bah-Humbug Season Kicks In

As my loyal readers already know, my personal investing motto is: “It’s better to be a live chicken versus a dead duck." Accordingly, I remain very comfortable in my foxhole with a good cash position…

Garry Cobb

Eagles Fan Appreciation Day Has Come And Gone - Thank You Jesus!

Having lost a bet to the man on the left, John Archibald, I had agreed to not only have an Eagles Day at my office but I also agreed to wear an Eagles jersey. The…

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