It’s hard to believe that 17 years ago, former NY Giants Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Lee Rouson and I started “Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Company” (I’m so thankful for the good Lord bringing Lee into my life, who truly help lead to the dismantling of the evil prejudice spirit in me).

I’m often asked, who’s my most favorite person I met along the way in this journey? Those who know me, are well-aware of my special friendship with two men who were my favorite sports heroes long before the formation of Trinity – NY Jets Legend Joe Klecko, and NY Rangers fan favorite, Nick Fotiu. My wife likes to note I seemingly spend more time with them two than my own family (she’s got a point-lol).

While I indeed greatly admire and feel humble to call Joe and Nick close friends (and even named two racehorses after them), there is a man who stands above all the professional athletes I ever met since first opening Trinity’s doors; his name is George McGovern. Simply put, if us Christians got it wrong and somehow, we do come back again, I hope this time around to be like George. No finer Christian man have I been blessed to know, and no one person did more to assist me both in business, and most importantly, in my walk with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

While George was most kind to share his testimony of our time together here, it is I who should be doing all the praising of a very special man who will never, ever, seek, or desire, any limelight (one of the many special qualities the good Lord blessed him with).

Despite working with “highly-paid” athletes, like most in ministry work, fundraising is a necessary evil. During my 13 years working with George and the NY Giants players and coaches, 99.9% of them assumed he was a paid employee and George would never lead on differently. I struggled with that at times, especially after players were done playing, only to learn he wasn’t and expressed they would’ve gladly supported the ministry if they knew otherwise. That was the one thing George made me agree to while assisting him – never let the players and coaches know it.

The public also assumed the athletes must take good care of George (and some did along the way) and it always hindered raising funds for the ministry IMHO.

But now that I’m removed from active participation in the ministry, and seeing how George and Athletes in Action continues to work in the community with the Athletes as a platform, I felt the very least I could do was to openly express my love for this great Christian man (who like me, has an ever better “other half”) and try to raise a few dollars for his work.

Below is a list of sports memorabilia items, many from our own clientele and Trinity board members. Between now and the Super Bowl, I will donate 100% of the sale of all items (some are just one piece) to George’s ministry and the buyer can make a check payable to the ministry directly for the items (or cash). Sorry, but the items must be picked up here locally. And to hopefully help motivate some buying, take 25% if you so choose, of the current sale price.

  • NY Giants Lawrence Taylor 16 x 20 Framed Photo $150, mini-helmet $100
  • NY Giants Odell Beckham Jr. NFL Duke Football $300
  • NY Giants OJ Anderson Super Bowl XXV Football w/”SB XXV MVP” Insc $250
  • NY Giants Jason Pierre-Paul NFL Duke Football $175
  • NY Giants David Tyree Jersey $250, Football $175, Mini-Helmet$100
  • NY Giants Eli Manning 16 x 20 framed photo with “Super Bowl XLVI MVP Insc.” $300, NFL Duke Football $450
  • NY Giants Jeff Feagles Football $100, Mini-Helmet $75
  • NY Jets Vinnie Testaverde NY Jets white panel football $95
  • NY Jets Joe Klecko Jersey $175, Football $125 Mini-Helmet $75
  • NY Jets Chris Ivory Mini-Helmet $50
  • NY Jets Erik Coleman Football $100, Mini-Helmet $75
  • NY Jets Ray Lucas Jersey $150, Football $100, Mini-Helmet $75
  • Fred Baxter NY Jets mini-helmet, football and photo $150
  • Fred Baxter Patriots mini-helmet, football and photo $150
  • Donald Brown Chargers mini-helmet, football and photo $150
  • Donald Brown Colts mini-helmet, football and photo $150
  • Dan Klecko Colts and Patriots mini-helmets and two photos $150
  • 16 x 20 photos of NY Jets Ray Lucas and Chicago Bears Rex Grossman – $25 each
  • Notre Dame Package – Justin Tuck helmet, Eric Dorsey football and mini-helmet, plus Eric Dorsey photo $275
  • NY Rangers Ron Greschner Jersey $175, Mini-Helmet $75, Puck $35
  • NY Rangers Nick Fotiu Jersey $175, Mini-Helmet $75, Puck $35
  • NJ Devils Martin Brodeur 16 x 20 framed retirement photo $250
  • NJ Devils Ken Daneyko Jersey $175, Mini-Helmet $75, Puck $35
  • NJ Devils Grant Marshall Mini-Helmet $75 Puck $50
  • NJ Devils Jim Dowd Mini-Helmet $75 Puck $35
  • Philadelphia Flyers Brian Propp Mini-Helmet $75, Puck $35
  • Magic Johnson Signed 1992 All-Star Game MVP 16 x 20 Photo $95
  • NY Knicks John Starks I/O Basketball $125
  • NY Knicks Bernard King 16 x 20 Framed Sports Illustrated Front Cover signed HOF and points total $100
  • NBA star Michael Carter Williams full-size basketball, mini-ball, signed Sports Illustrated magazine with him on cover, 8 x10 photo and piece of flooring. $150
  • 16 x 20 Bill Buckner/Mookie Wilson Dual Signed 16 x 20 Metallic photo w/l “10/25/86 Insc By Wilson and “Oops” Insc by Buckner (MLB Auth). $125
  • Doc Gooden baseball “No-Hitter 5/11/96” Insc. $75
  • Edgardo Alfonzo baseball “Mets All-Time Team” Insc. $75
  • Lenny Dykstra baseball $50
  • Gerry Cooney boxing glove and 8 x 10 photo $50

100% of the sale of any of the items will go to Athletes In Action

PG, Jay Feely and George McGovern.