I concur with this Analyst’s assessment of the value of Bitcoin.

Another article I find a most worthy read on Cryptocurrencies.

I believe the DJIA will be under 20,000 without ever reaching 30,000.

In regards to that comedy club in Washington, DC, known as “Congress”, do you really think that after all the pork-barrel trading and political posturing is done, they won’t conclude (for well on their way to the 200th time) spending far more than they take in should continue (and ignore the original budget deal that they would have to do something you and I must do or eventually have serious troubles, if not jail time – balance the budget)?  Another pile of dirt will be thrown on the grave dug years ago called a balanced budget.

I stated a few days ago that if it were up to me, the vast majority of investors would be using the “parabolic” rise in this FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) stock market rally to reduce their general equity exposure to no more than 50% of what it was last year and up to 90% for those who could now ill-afford financially and mentally to lose a chunk of their current equity holdings principle. I would consider doing so over the next 30 days. Be delighted that liquidating into a rising market was a gift that I assure you after 34 years in and around this game – doesn’t just keep on giving (no matter what they say on TOUT-TV (CNBC).