It’s one thing to say I’m “All-In” on Christ, but another to put it front and center.

Above is what will be our new company logo. I had sent it to a wide range of friends; some who are active Christians, others who aren’t.  I value each of their opinions no matter what.  Interestingly, I was surprised by a few responses. Among the believers, some were very encouraged to see it, while some made it a point to express I was likely going to “scare” away some potential clients who otherwise may have dealt with me. From those who weren’t active in faith, some took the belief that this will benefit me among the people who believe like I do, especially since so few in my line of work are willing to show their faith to the public.

I’ve stated for years that within the financial services industry, there are only two types of people:

  • Those who say what they think.
  • Those who say what they think you want to hear…and it sells!

After 33+ years in and around the financial arena, I can tell you there’s an overload of the latter. I’m humble and proud to say I have not been one of them.

So why then should I not be willing to openly disclose my faith in my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ? Yes, certain friends were spot-on; I will indeed lose business because of this.

But if I don’t, I will be like this statue, which represents my industry when it comes to Christian faith and sharing God’s teachings on matters of finance (and that God is not the guy who rings bells and gadgets on TV while dispensing so-called investment advice):

I want to especially thank John Archibald of Resolutions Promotions, for not only creating our new website but for creating this logo on his first attempt at any logo. Other than being a Philadelphia Eagles fan, John’s work has been exemplary.