• I “default” to Trump because not only was he the lesser of two evils in the last Presidential election (The Clinton crime family would scare the crap out of  Vito Corleone and Tony Soprano), but also the fact that much of what the vast majority of the Democrat party “appears” to stand for these days is to be just against everything Trump doesn’t. And before any hate mail starts, I’m no Trump “groupie” either; but given the choice between the two, it’s not hard for me to pick (even though my prayers continue to be for something much more than Trump is – and especially isn’t). I believe this makes my argument that America has entered its worst political and social era stronger and the ramifications of this are quite negative.
  • In my blog post from this past Sunday night, I stated, “I now believe the U.S. stock market is in its most precarious position since I first entered Wall Street in March of 1984.” The sell-off and subsequent rally is “part and parcel” of the “Parabolic Arc” formation that I had spoken about. Buckle up, it’s no longer a “one-way” path!
  • I was not against “Bitcoin” or cryptocurrencies until this past December, when I declared a 50% to 90% decline was upon us. That severe correction is now underway. As previously noted, I believe that the Blockchain transactional technology is here to stay long term.  However, many current players will disappear and/or be merged during this massive consolidation that will unfold, IMHO. After the dust settles, these things will go from mostly “speculations” (Wall Street hates to say what it really is – gambling) to actual investments.
  • During my time in the metals and mining business, I (and a few others like www.gata.org) spoke out about gold market manipulation only to be mocked as “crazies”, and other demeaning comments, for claiming gold was manipulated. My argument was simple, if it has been shown to occur in all other markets around the world, it’s foolish to think it ends at the entrance to the Comex (Crime was always a better description in my book to describe what took place there). Well, I hope the recent news shows we “crazies” were indeed both sane and astute. To Jon Nadler (wherever he is these days):

And finally, no matter how troubling the world may seem, let us never forget: