Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid

Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid

Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid

by Peter Grandich
with Jo Smith Schloeder

NEW THIRD EDITION! Confessions of a FORMER Wall Street Whiz Kid is a thought-provoking, real-life story of the ups and downs and ups again of one of Wall Street’s “half-famous” financial geniuses, Peter Grandich.

In this updated third edition of his witty and painfully honest autobiography, Grandich shares his thoughts about the accumulation of wealth and the hidden flaws of traditional financial planning. He exposes some of the dirty business of Wall Street and takes readers on a journey through his battles against panic attacks, suicide attempts and depression, and he shares how his faith not only helped him regain the will to live, but acts as the foundation for his financial beliefs.

A contrarian by nature, Grandich also explains what he sees as the next great threat to the United States – neither terrorism nor bio-warfare, but an economic time bomb of unprecedented proportion.

Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid is just that: a complete divulgence of matters of life, health, wealth—and, of course, the ins and outs of Wall Street.

Read the book online for free. If you would rather have a printed copy, the book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Endorsements and Reviews

Listen to Drew Mariani of Relevant Radio talk about Peter’s book, Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid.

“Peter Grandich has combined faith, intellect, insight and many life experiences into Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid. This book is both an easy and entertaining read and very thought provoking.”Hon. David M. Walker, Former U.S. Comptroller General

“There is nobody on Wall Street who is kinder than Peter. Listen to him and enjoy his book.  Even when he is wrong (and everyone is at some time or another) you can be sure that Peter will give you honest advice.”John Crudele, Columnist, New York Post

“While I’ve benefitted from Peter’s financial advice, the real gift was seeing God transform his life for the better. Having a heavenly wife didn’t hurt him either.” Joe Klecko, Former NY Jet

“In Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid, Peter Grandich reveals his personal journey, not just from rags to riches but from material wealth to spiritual wealth. His insights into the flawed nature of financial planning and the false god of Retirement are alone worth the cover price. The ultimate treasure, he eloquently reminds us, lies not on earth, vulnerable to rust and thieves, but in the world that awaits us all.”Jonathan Chevreau, National Post columnist and author, Findependence Day

“Peter’s honest and bold account shows that it is necessary for the Christ follower to lay down the very things we esteem above God Himself and that with God all things are possible-even a rich man entering the Kingdom of God.”David Tyree, Former NY Giant and author of More Than Just The Catch

“This book brings us back to being American again and remembering that our forefathers said ‘IN GOD WE TRUST.’ If Peter ran for president, he would have my vote.”Ron Greschner, Former New York Ranger

“In a world where fancy suits and Ivy League degrees are common, Peter Grandich took a most uncommon approach to finances and faith. He succeeded in both but not without battles along the boards and a couple of near game misconducts.” Ken Daneyko, Three-Time Stanley Cup Champion with New Jersey Devils

“I feel like I should put out an alert: Attention all investors – read this book before you make your next move. Peter Grandich has managed to distill a lifetime of experience and hard lessons learned into this important book. It will make and save you money.”Michael Campbell, Host of Canada’s MoneyTalks, heard on the Corus Radio Network

“Knowing Peter from childhood, I’m only too glad to suggest reading his book.” Danny Aiello, Academy Award nominated actor and singer

“I want to congratulate Pete on this book. He has never been afraid to share the ups and down of his life. His story has both inspired and motivated me.” Justin Tuck, NFL All-Pro

“Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid is an absolute must for your spiritual library! Peter Grandich and his remarkable journey offer a powerful warning to those who put their trust in material things as well as great hope and inspiration for those trying to balance life’s true priorities. This book will challenge you personally, make you think, and hopefully, set you on the path to true freedom and fulfillment.”Drew Mariani, Nationally-Syndicated Radio Host and award winning director

“Talk about a real knockout, my friend Peter Grandich has twice battled depression and has come out on top.  His book deserves heavyweight recognition for his courage and willingness to share how he battled what life has thrown at him.  Even during the darkest days, his priority has always been to help others.” “Gentleman” Gerry Cooney, Former Heavyweight Boxer

“Peter Grandich’s story is truly a story of transformation, inspiration, and encouragement! Peter just doesn’t talk the talk; he walks the walk each day being brought closer to God, surrendering his will to His… a ‘Divine Ex-Change.’” Lee Rouson, Two-time Super Bowl Champion NY Giant

“In the world of finance, where far too often people speak in platitudes, Peter Grandich delivers a concise, intelligent, and at time humorous look at the markets. Peter may ruffle a few feathers, but his expertise should not be ignored. I was a fan long before I was his friend, but I am happy to be both at this point in my life!”Guy Adami, CNBC-TV Contributor

“It has been my pleasure to have known Peter Grandich now for thirty years or more and treasure him as a friend. Over the years I have come to enjoy his intelligence and wit, and appreciate his advice on financial matters. Most of all I am truly inspired by his ardent faith, his extraordinary generosity, his compassion for those who have met misfortune in their lives. I welcome this book that will illustrate these and so many more attributes of Peter’s makeup. However, let me make it clear that self praise is not the motive for his writing. Rather, he is driven to share in yet another way the many blessings that have come his way—even through the down times—and offer hope to those who may have been smitten by the hardships of life. It is my fervent hope and prayer that this book will indeed achieve these ends for the many.”Very Rev. Brendan Williams, V.F.

“I have never asked Peter for his financial expertise, and he may be a Wall Street Whiz Kid, but his greatest gift to me was his friendship.”Ray Lucas, Former NFL Quarterback

“I have known Peter Grandich for over 25 years. I have personally witnessed Peter’s strong religious, ethical and moral resolve in both his writings and in his life. Over the years, although the markets have witnessed change creating financial impacts upon Peter in both directions, Peter never vacillated from his inherent basic precepts of reverence for God, respect for family and unselfish generosity of time, money and influence dedicated toward the social good of his community.

“Thirty years ago, I attended an investment club meeting chaired by Peter. I was impressed and hired him as a broker for my securities firm. He excelled beyond my wildest dreams to the point he is now the guru to athletes and business CEO’s while enjoying a great walk with The Lord . I am honored to call him my friend. Well done, Peter.” Bob Knapp

“I read his book and I saw the real Peter Grandich on every page. Although Peter is very visible in his professional life, he is an unassuming and humble man who is non-judgmental, easy to speak with and simply a ‘regular guy’. You would never know that he is an internationally-known, well-respected market commentator.” Leonard Gray

“Peter Grandich came into my life at just the right time for me in 2008 as my real estate business was tottering and I needed “something else.” I read his most recent ” The Grandich Letter” at that time and literally collapsed at my desk, exhausted, though it was only about 10 pages. The reason was that I felt in my heart that this was the first time I had really heard truth spoken; I realized that I had been deceived my whole life as to how the world operates and that I needed to meet this man and learn more. I reached out to Pete; he was very gracious toward me and we quickly became great friends. Peter showed me a whole other industry, a fresh outlook and more importantly, a way to prepare for a time of reckoning that is quickly approaching.

Pete allowed me to read the final draft of “Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid” before publishing. In it, I found him to be as candid as always. There is real hope for the informed and the diligent; thanks to Peter Grandich, I am both. You will know just what I mean when you read the book. Love you, Pete!”Joseph Spano