Twenty years ago, a young man new to the financial services business, John Suckey, began working with the “Wall Street Whiz Kid” (me).

Before too long, he was doing more than his fair share to lead our clientele in an alternative to traditional financial planning process that would make them wealthier and wiser.

Peter Grandich and John Suckey

Together, John and I work through the C & A Financial Group, in Wall, NJ.

We do three things very well:

  • We will deliver unique and verifiable strategies to increase your wealth, over and above what you are currently on track for.
  • We will do this without taking on more risk. In fact, we usually greatly lower the risk(s) our clients are currently exposed to.
  • We will achieve the above without having to sacrifice their lifestyles.

In the twilight of my career, I am truly honored to have a business partner who is totally trustworthy and very bright.

God Bless,

Peter Grandich