It’s headlines like this, “America’s wealthiest pastor Kenneth Copeland – who is worth $770m – dodges $150K property tax on his $7m mansion home by claiming it’s a ‘clergy residence'”, that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

I wrote a chapter in my book entitled “What’s Wrong With Christian Prosperity?”

No time of the year makes one realize how truly “unchristian” this prosperity pitch really is, than the Christmas Season.

This preacher says it all in just a couple of minutes:

“The prosperity gospel is a false gospel that substitutes a vision of present earthly happiness for a vision of the final restoration of heaven and earth that the Bible anticipates. It is a trap that ensnares the poor and the weak and leads them away from the love of Christ. It is a potential danger even for those who avoid its more obvious expressions.”  Dr. Andrew Spencer