Fr.  John Chapin Engler Jr.

I am most grateful to have Fr. Chapin join our Ecumenical Council.

In a world most upside down, and a Church facing its biggest challenges ever, I have found Fr. Chapin’s ministry most inspiring. He will most definitely add to an extraordinary group of Christ-centered men, the good Lord has blessed me with as great personal counselors.

Please visit his website and most definitely watch his videos. We are in great need of more priests like him!

Many clients and friends have benefitted greatly from my financial observations. Please be so kind to show your appreciation by making a donation to Fr. Chapin’s ministry. I will match total donations up to $10,000 (please note in your donation it’s due to me and/or email me your receipt). His ministry needs to grow. Please help!

God Bless,

Peter Grandich