I had no better friend and Christian brother during my 20 years working with professional athletes than David Tyree.

I can think of no player who I truly pray is blessed with an abundance of success in his venture as I do for David.

David Tyree

Message From David Tyree:

Marketing or self-promotion has always been a sore spot. Respect & affirmation is high amidst my personal needs, yet I never felt the need to be celebrated or remain in the limelight.

As a man who always felt deep satisfaction through authentic relationships, I have found fulfillment in serving my family, community, and faith for well over a decade.

On February 3, 2008, with the help of my teammates, family, and my faithful God, I experienced the lifelong dream of becoming a Super Bowl champion. I made what I know as the greatest catch in Super Bowl history & arguably the greatest play in NFL history.

Now here we are today. My teammates look altogether different, and there are no more locker rooms, shoulder pads, and team meetings. Much of my family is still the same. There have been some additions & a few subtractions. My Jesus is still the same. Faithful above all, yet willing to bring me through the furnace to deliver a life that will add value to my hearers.

I lead a family of 9 with Leilah & our seven children. My wife and I successfully launched Clean Juice Morristown through a global pandemic in June 2020. Over the years, we have served people, marriages, and leaders fervently with joy. And I have so much to share!

I’ll be sharing it all on my new podcast, Catch the Moment, and I would love your support! The first episode of the podcast will introduce details and events in my life leading up to the most incredible catch in Super Bowl history! So please go to YouTube, Spotify, and Apple to subscribe & comment.

Catch the Moment will be a platform that provides the listener with unique insight into the process, journey, and pain points that foster individuals to their moments of success. This podcast will be a blast, so join the team by spreading the word!!