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While I hope to make 40 years in and around the financial arena (March 2024), I stopped taking life for granted for a while now. The loss of my absolute best friend, several other good ones, and hitting 66 (not the highway-LOL), have all made me focus extra hard on what the dash on my tombstone will say about me. It has led to a concentrated effort to make sure I show my appreciation in all facets of my business and personal life.

When I left the metals and mining industry as a livelihood after 2014, and focused solely on Trinity Financial Sports & Entertainment Management Company, I purposely avoided secular media interviews about markets and investing until September 2019. It was then that the person who last interviewed me about gold, contacted me to come to NYC and do an interview.

The accolades given to Daniela Cambone by me back then, have not only remained, but have grown stronger when compared to most others in her field. She continues to separate, herself, from the pack, and her intelligence and modesty remain among her best features.

In our last interview, she encouraged me to share about my faith, something many others in the secular media frown on:

I very much look forward to speaking with her again this coming week, and want to encourage you to become a regular viewer of hers if you’re not already.

And given how the NFL draft has gone for her favorite team, let me close by saying: