It’s headlines like this, “America’s wealthiest pastor Kenneth Copeland – who is worth $770m – dodges $150K property tax on his $7m mansion home by claiming it’s a ‘clergy residence’”, and “The Outrageous Ways Joel Osteen Spends His Massive Net Worth” that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

I wrote a chapter in my book entitled “What’s Wrong With Christian Propserity?”

When the economy heads south, these “pitchmen” bait their hooks even more, as ordinary struggling folks fall for their “plant a seed” lure.

This preacher says it all in just a couple of minutes:


“The prosperity gospel is a false gospel that substitutes a vision of present earthly happiness for a vision of the final restoration of heaven and earth that the Bible anticipates. It is a trap that ensnares the poor and the weak and leads them away from the love of Christ. It is a potential danger even for those who avoid its more obvious expressions.”  Dr. Andrew Spencer