I truly wish I had been wrong a year ago when I expressed that America had entered its worst-ever economic, social and political era.

Like it or not, we have! 

And it’s not just another speed bump and all is well in the not-too-distant future.

Mary and I have been living a less is more lifestyle for several years now, and find ourselves in a position to help others. We believe all of us blessed with an abundance of food, shelter, clothing and certain “luxuries”, must now willfully do all we can to help others less fortunate.

I want to thank those who have helped us help others in the past. 

An example is here

We think giving to food banks is a top priority. Sacrificing eating out once, or twice a month, and donate those funds, instead, is a great way to answer this:

One of the ways I most enjoy helping others is at one of my favorite places – Freehold Raceway.

We added another event for Freehold Raceway this Fall – “Halfway To St. Patrick’s Day” Race with the HABcore organization as our recognized charity. We also like to note that “Operation Beachhead” will be one of the recognized groups at our 1st annual “Veteran’s Day Pace” on November 11th. We’ll be announcing other worthy causes for all race events later this Summer.

We’re supporting this event by having former NY Giants and Indianapolis Colts RB, Keith Elias, appear from 11AM to 1PM

I never worked  with a better professional athlete over the last 20 years than Keith.