My recent farewells to cryptocurrencies and discussing my individual portfolio were far less emotional than today’s meeting with my dear friend, George McGovern. It was an official and final ending to a way of life I truly enjoyed for 20 years.

George was the Chaplin for the NY Giants and NY Yankees. He allowed me to work with players and coaches of both teams for 13 years. The sports joy was only topped by seeing young men embracing Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior. While it was a blessing to have many great sports experiences, it was far more rewarding to see their desire to handle their finances from a biblical perspective.

I was considering returning to doing Bible Study and Chapel with athletes, but given how professional sports is embracing social and political aspects that are in direct conflict to my Catholic, Christian faith, I concluded it wasn’t my calling any more. The time to throw the last bit of dirt on top of the burial I gave to a former business, has arrived.

But our fellowshipping today reminded  me of what part I still miss the most.

Just one more time for old times sake:

Thank you, Jesus!