Death Threat GIFs | Tenor

Having personally seen Millions (with an “S”) of dollars of paper gains evaporate in recent weeks, I also personally experience a new low for this favorite graph of mine – death threats!

I can handle the personal loss (been there, done that), but when my wife has to endure such an ordeal, enough is enough.

As noted just a few days ago, I was no longer going to discuss my personal portfolio and limit any further comments to important news for the next little while. Sadly, even that will now cease.

Clients of our planning group can continue to speak to my business partners, as I don’t think either one of them resorted to such a “lowlife” act (their NY Jets and Giants fans and have enough pain already).

I will endeavor to still try and speak to Michael Gentile as previously planned. He’s worth “life and death” in my book!