Mention copper bullishness a few months ago, and people treated you like this:

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Speak about it these days, including your biggest holding of all-time, and people do this to you:

Copper’s 200-Day M.A. around $3.37, a price I never thought we see in 2022, is never-the-less likely to be tested. Most assets at the moment  are being “shot first and ask questions later”. The copper argument made just a couple of months ago is at best,  delayed, and at worse, no longer feasible. But in either case, $3.37 copper is clearly capitulation, and a level where anyone with a time horizon not needing a clock, should seek

stocks that have been tossed out with the bathwater. Obviously for me, Arizona Metals is an ideal candidate:

For further information, please contact:
Marc Pais
President and CEO Arizona Metals Corp.
(416) 565-7689

Please now allow me to prepare for today’s trading:

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