- Bet the ranch. - Buy 100,000 shares.

I “Bet The Ranch” (and likely my 43-year marriage) on Arizona Metals (AZMCF $2.97).

Today’s letter to shareholders bolstered my beliefs, despite poor present market conditions that brought the share price back to levels I never though we see again (not the first time this has happened).

While trolls of mine root against it, management has done an excellent job up until now. I’m delighted to see a more proactive marketing campaign, but must note it would matter little if not for the overall great work on the corporate side of things up until now.

Watching the junior resource market get annihilated, along with several of my holdings, brings no joy.

If AZMCF doesn’t work out, nothing will for me ever again.

It Just Gets Better And Better

Please Note – Michael Gentile and I plan on speaking next Tuesday and I will have the video(s) of this discussion out ASAP.

Have a most blessed Friday.