A Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance

The Bible contains over 700 direct references about money, including the majority of the Parables, and one out of every six verses in the Gospels concerns itself with the right and wrong use of material possessions. It clearly states that spirituality goes hand-in-hand with matters of money. It teaches us that God is our only true provider and to honor Him by being good stewards with what He has given us. It teaches us that debt, in most cases, is not wise and that a prosperous life is not measured by what we have in the bank, but what is in our hearts. Read more.

Seven Deadly Sins of Finance

Though most are familiar with mortal sins against God and man, far too few people recognize that there are deadly sins in matters of personal finance. Veteran markets commentator and author, Peter Grandich, preaches the importance of avoiding these traps in their quest for financial independence. Read more.