First, the bad part of today.

This is an email I received:

Knowing I don’t spread hate or use the Bible for financial gain, I just pray for this person and say – “there but the Grace of God go I.”

Now for the extremely great part of my day:

Last March, I loss the greatest friend a man could ever have. His widow wife, surprised Mary and I today with a visit. This was after a powerful Mass by a visiting priest, that gave me the first real spiritual lift in weeks.

She handed me the box above, where Bill kept all his holy items, including the coin-like cross on the left (which he carried every day in his pocket), and a Rosary ring he wore to Mass when he prayed. She said she knows Bill would want me to have it.

I can’t begin to describe what this meant to me and did for my mental health.

To my dearest and best friend I will ever have, your favorite song as I weep and also smile, knowing what a blessing you were to me:

Rest In Peace Billy-boy!