Please note – I’m very biased on this company because:

  • They’re a “major” sponsor of this blog
  • IMHO, Warwick Smith is the “ideal” CEO for a junior resource company. He’s greatly skilled in “professional” promotion and obviously with the two big JV partners, knows how to do deals.
  • In my recent health issues, he consistently stayed in touch and has been very supportive

“If” you can financially and mentally risk loss of capital in exchange for signifcant upside potential, please take a hard look at the company.

American Pacific Mining CEO Warwick Smith provides corporate update – YouTube

The fact that I’m very bullish on gold and silver, helps¬† (4) Peter Grandich on Twitter: “In nearly 40 yrs in and around the financial arena, I don’t recall ever be more confident on a market moving a certain way, as I do gold and silver to the upside. The very fact they held their own last year when many were calling for signifcant declines, is the first indicator” / Twitter