While they all naturally want to increase awareness of their respective companies, they also appreciate my candidness about the state of the junior resource stock market:

I most definitely want to add the fact that there are no stock options, or any type of compensation other than a monthly sponsorship fee, that I can assure you, I will only pay bills with.

As always, this is not to be considered investment advice. You should always speak to a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decision, and to read my disclosures at the bottom of this website.

In addition, you must absolutely pass my two golden rules before going any further with any and all junior resource stocks:

Assuming you do pass, please allow me to make mention of all our sponsors.

I have been a big believer in Quebec for mining, and several of my companies have projects there. I also have turned highly favorable on silver, remain bullish on uranium, love copper, and think zinc is way underloved.

American Pacific Mining – In my highly bias opinion (own shares), the Palmer project is a company-maker, while the Madison project can become one too. Add on two other advancing projects, and a second to none management team, and we have the makings for USGD to be that one or two out of ten that goes all the way.


Amex Exploration – Awaiting initial resource estimate and then I believe the clock starts ticking for them being a takeover target. Lots of drilling results still to come.

Ariannae Phosphate – If you believed in the lithium battery stock bull run, keep in mind it doesn’t work without phosphate. This is a pure phosphate play (I own shares). The phosphate wake-up call isn’t far away.

Big Ridge Gold – Has a 600k resource in Quebec, but it’s major project is located in NewFoundland. Very low market cap given its assets. 

Capitan Silver Mining – Michael Gentile’s “sleeper silver stock for 2023” – watch from the 7:38 minute mark. I believe silver can match strides, and even lead gold at times now. I own shares.

Group Eleven Resources – As noted in this recent Twitter post of mine, Zinc has been in a stealth bull market. Another ridiculously low market cap with two major shareholders (I own shares).

Kraken Energy – I participated in every single financing so far, from seed capital to the last $1Cdn financing. Most interesting projects, top-noth management team, and stock that has been heavily sold down to a most attractive speculative level. Michael Gentile shares his thoughts on Uranium and Kraken Energy at the start of this video:

Northern Superior Resources – A key player now in Quebec. Could be the hunter or the hunted in my anticiapted increased in M & A in Quebec mining. Key players took a nice chunk of the most recent financing.

Radisson Mining Resources – Basically doubled it’s high-grade resource and sits in a prime spot for acquistion in Quebec. Comparable valuations gives it a 3x+ price target. Held a town metting recently here.

Silver Hammer Mining – I have worked with CEO Peter Ball in the past and found him to be a real hands-on management and willingly speaks to shareholders and interested parties. Family has been in mining for multiple generations. Silver is anticipated to rise sharply with gold, IMHO. 

One final note on the junior resource market as a whole. Both as compared to the value of their underlying metal(s) they seek, and major mining companies, we are at, or near, historically low valuations for them.

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