I spent much of 2020 speaking about my belief that America had entered its worst-ever economic, social, and political era. I said in 2021, that the U.S. stock market would not see another new, all-time high, in my lifetime. 

My overall bearishness remains, and sadly, it’s being fortified by even more bad news here and abroad.

The removal of Tucker Carlson has caused quite a stir. I concur with this article for what was the main reason for his departure.

With half of America now atheist or agnostic, and some in the remaining 50% believing in God in “name-only”, only a minority will agree with me when I say this is all part of a battle between good versus evil. And that battle grows more intense daily.

One of the real good guys, Dr. Charles Stanley, prophetically gave us the best advice for these times, just hours before he would pass away:

Never has it been more important to approach all economic, social, and political factors based on biblical principles.