A couple years ago, I stated America had entered its worst-ever economic, political and social era. IMHO, it has gone from bad to worse.

For many years now, I have worn my Catholic Christian faith on my sleeve in my work. There are very few individuals who openly tie their faith and money matters together. Given the fact that over half of America is now either atheist or agnostic (and a good percentage of the remaining half are not actively practicing their faith), my public comments hasn’t exactly been a way to make friends and influence new business. In fact, the opposite has occurred, especially since I’ve become openly critical on many social and political issues via Twitter and Youtube (I did the same a few years back and ended up leaving the sports world Trinity Financial Sports & Entertainment Management Company (2000-2020) (petergrandich.com)

The following video is a most powerful sermon all men and women of faith should listen to ASAP. It’s especially approbriate for events unfolding before our very eyes (and listen all the way through):

Let’s cut to the chase – The main reason America has entered its worst-ever social, political and economic period, is because it’s in the middle of a worldwide, spiritual war.

I fully concur with the following video and believe all matters, including financial, must be approached with this in mind. Please feel free to stop listening to me if you disagree:

I’ve already been under attack and like the circumstances we now face, I fully expect it to get worse before it can get better.

God Bless,