Peter Grandich will soon be hosting Live Question and Answer Sessions on Zoom. Each session has a limit of 5 participants, with each session lasting 30 minutes. In order to partake, you will first need to notify PG, who will make you aware of the scheduled opportunities that are available. You will then have to make a $100 donation to, who will notify PG of your donation. 100% of all donations will be distributed to designated charities.

The following charities will receive a portion of all funds raised through

Sassy Massey Smiles Foundation – Delivering Miles of Smiles to Sick Children

St. Peter’s Outreach Ministries

Dedicated to Finding a Cure for ALS | The ALS Association

Please email PG at if you would like to make a donation and join just 4 others in a 60-minute Question and Answer Session on Zoom. Please do not make any donations until after PG has responded to you.