For 3/4s of my life, I lived just for the red part. Thanks Be To God, I was shown “The Rope”. 

It took a while, but I have fully embraced not living for just the red part.

The two best spiritual teachers I ever had, Dr. Charles Stanley, and my best friend ever, Bill Wegner, have been called home.

Having spent much of my adult life involved with matters of finance, I found most financial professionals limit themselves

to secular teachings on finance. So did I, until I was shown all secular teachings fall dramatically short and only the teachings

of Almighty God through the greatest financial book ever written, the Holy Bible, are one’s only true guide on all money matters.

In a world long on hate and short on real love, my dear friend Bill Wegner spoke about “God’s” love

at an event I hosted over a decade ago. His words still echo in my heart and soul (I miss you so much, Billy).

Thank you, Jesus!