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Overall – This is a must read (and please read all the linked articles).

U.S. Stock Market – For those of you who found themselves a year ago, wishing they had greatly reduced their equity holdings beforehand, the hoped for rally has occurred (Thank you!). My suggestion is not to look a gifted horse in the mouth and exit stage left. But for those who buy into the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” propaganda yet again, just remember this – “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!”

U.S. Bonds – Treasuries, and hi-grade munis and corporates, are the lesser of two evils. But those who find themselves in lesser quality corporate paper, especially those tied to commercial real estate – good luck!

Precious and Base Metals – Physical ownership has remained okay, but those who have speculated/gambled on mining shares, particularly junior resource stocks:

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