It’s my fondest wish to visit West Virginia this Fall, and to meet someone who has managed to greatly lessen the pain of losing someone truly irreplaceable. 

On March 18, 2022, I lost my very best friend and someone who God spoke through to save a wretch like me, Catholic Lay-Evangelist, Bill Wegner.

Thanks Be To God, before Bill was called home, I discovered Father Chapin, host of the “Daily Living Ministry”. I even had an opportunity to share with Bill, Father’s work, and to say “Bill, this is you with a collar!”

The last year was the most challenging in my entire life and while I wasn’t in Hell, I could see it from there. Thankfully, the good Lord sent Angels, and one of them has been Fr. Chapin.

Fr. Chapin is located in Nitro, WV. Not too far from there, is a place I have wanted to visit for a long time – Mardi Gras Greyhound Racetrack. Talk about taking care of two birds with one stone!

I like to greatly encourage you to find out more about Fr. Chapin, a very special man of God (unlike many in his line of work). If you agree, come join me in my visit to help his ministry, watch the Greyhounds race, and we’ll also gather to discuss financial markets and related matters.

For now, just email me at and say I may want to join you in WV.  I will email you back once I have full details.

Daily Living with Father Chapin – YouTube

I miss you very much, Billy-boy! A piece of my life passed with you!!!