I believe the remaining months in 2023 can mark a major bottom to the worst mining shares bear market in the nearly 40 years.

If I am correct, a major new bull market can take hold into 2024. Positioning oneself now can be highly rewarding.

I do believe where one looks for, and develops mines, is very critical now, and why so much of my personal exposure is being limited to North America.

Nowhere am I more optimistic for significant M & A in the mining sector than in Quebec. A wealth of different metals that are needed now more than ever, appears to be bountiful.

While I am bias towards the following companies because they are sponsors of my blog, I wholeheartedly believe they can be part of the anticipated M & A wave I envision.

Amex Exploration – A classic baby being tossed out with the bath water situation. A most definite takeover candidate, with limited downside risk now (outside of metal prices imploding and/or something totally unforeseen), and a legit target price multiples of current one.

Arianne Phosphate – I suspect we can wake up one day and learn a huge JV has been struck. Shares seem to be price right for a gamble of that becoming a reality.

Northern Superior Resources – I’ve stated it can be the hunter or the huntee. Either way, their gold resource is ridiculously priced now and stock appears to be coming out of the doldrums. Michael Gentile comments.

Radisson Mining – Current share price offers a worthy risk/reward speculation. Michael Gentile said it best here.

Please remember, speculating is really gambling, and you must be both mentally and financially to lose part or all of your capital.