After about 10-year absence, yours truly is set to speak again at the No city or event ever meant more to me, and while I don’t see myself traveling around the world to speak again, I very much look forward to this trip. Why?

1 – The Martin family (hosts) did more to help my career in metals and mining than anyone else/group. I truly enjoyed being their Emcee for two decades.

2 – There are a few people I miss very much that will be there (please God), and I like to tell them personally what they meant to me all these years.

3 – I truly believe the worst bear market in junior resource stocks in my entire career is coming to an end, and I believe this conference can be the dawn of a new, mega bull market for them  

4 – I need to go to one more Vancouver Canucks game and seek forgiveness for all the years I ragged on them.

5 – There’s no downtown of any major city that I enjoyed more to just walk around (although January is not the best time-LOL).

I found a few old videos from previous talks of mine – if only I could be that young again and know now what I didn’t know then.

Peace Be With You!