Good Sunday morning to all.

I have stated for a couple years now that America had entered its worst-ever economic, social, and political era. Sadly, it continues to accelerate to the downside.

I suspect I’m not alone in getting caught up in it, and experiencing anxiety, restlessness, sorrow, and other physical and mental afflictions.

Having experienced a horrible bout of depression last fall through Spring (I wasn’t in Hell, but I could see it from where I was), I’m most grateful for the Good Lord using it to make me a better person (fingers and toes crossed).

The ability to reconcile, especially with my sister, was the greatest gift from that period. I urge anyone tied down by the bondage of anger towards others in the belief they hurt you, to reconcile, ASAP. It’s an incredible release of a true weight off your shoulders.

My #1 investment advice isn’t a stock, bond, or gold. It’s the following: