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Below is an email I received from the company’s largest single shareholder, Michael Gentile (I’m hoping to do an interview with him later today on this):

“They essentially have made the discovery hole the West Target which shows that there are multiple high grade VMS deposits at Kay!

1. The grade on that hole that kicked is excluent, it’s indicative of a very high grade VMS like they have at Kay

2. It’s Gold and Zinc rich which means it’s a bit farther away from the heat source which has the copper – They confirmed today présence of a high grade Gold-Zinc zone just like they have at Kay if they drill further North or East West they likely see the high grade gold -copper zone too and wider widths

2b. When you hit very nice grade like that over 3m you then will typically see wider grades as your vector in closer to the hinge zones just like they have at Kay they are really narrowing in on the prize here !

3. Lines up very well with the high grade copper at Surface which also indicates we likely have a big system here again like we have at Kay Gold-Zinc and Copper Gold zones likely present

4. So now it’s about getting new drill pads setup to drill that Northern area !

Very exciting!”