A few years ago, I began pounding the table that America had entered its worst-ever social, political, and economic era. I believe we’re only in the early innings.
While there are dozens of factors that greatly concern me, these are my “Top-Ten” :

Debts and Deficits
Retirement Crisis
The dysfunctional political system
BRICS – the Industrial Revolution of the 21st century
Climate Change/Hoax
Border Crisis
Lost spirituality and morals
Apocalyptic Politics: Christianity and the New World Order
Harder to pull wagon as more jump in since this video was made 
* Lawlessness is a growth industry

Like I said, these are just some of the factors that make up my belief America’s worst-ever social, political, and economic era, is underway and only going to get worse.

Never in my nearly 40 years in and around the financial arena has it been more approbriate to undertake a “better to be a live chicken, then a dead duck” investment strategy.

But as severe is my outlook, I take comfort and peace in: