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Please remember, the only thing you become an expert in if you look into a crystal ball for a living, is how to eat lots of broken glass.

U.S. Stock Market – Looking to short it if DJIA gets above 40,000. Believe D-E-F-E-N-S-E is the only strategy past a few weeks or months, and suggest looking into A Stock Market Strategy To Build Your Ark With | Peter Grandich as a method to implement.

U.S. Bonds – Lesser of two evils but only 1-2 yr durations and T-Bills or CDs for me.


Copper – Rolling some huge gold profits into copper plays isn’t a bad idea in my book

BIT-CON – Not a dime will it ever see of my money

The following are highly speculative (gambles) equities, that are either sponsors of my blog, I own, a fund I consult to owns, or a combination of all.

American Pacific Mining – The Palmer Deposit could become a major exploration story while it also moves towards production. I anticipate a new, better JV on the Madison project within 12 months or less.

Amex Exploration – Market finally waking up to this monster of a project in my favorite place to explore and mine, Quebec. Can’t see it remaining independent very long once initial resource is released.

Arizona Metals – Still the single best exploration play in my book, but the story most definitely needs a new character or two  to maximize a happy ending. I plan on voting no on spinoffs, and suggest clients, friends and followers to do the same. Will make final verdict once documents on it are received.

Arianne Phosphate – Will linger until such time some sort of deal/strategic alliance is struck and then it should be off to the races.

BigRidge Gold – Pull off a bloodless coupe of a key project and brough real life back into this story. Stay tuned.

Canter Resources – About to drill a most interesting lithium play. Fingers and toes crosssed.

Group Eleven Resources – Made a huge discovery and awaiting follow-up drill results.

Independence Gold – Run by the classiest and hard-working veteran of 50 years, Randy Turner. May he go out with yet another winner!

K92 Mining – The fund Michael Gentile helps manage is a major holder and key reason why this is in the fund’s portfolio.

Metalla Royalty and Streaming – A huge acquistion during the ugliest junior bear market, brought the share price down to levels undeserving in my bias opinion. Working its way back to a more proper level.

Northern Superior Resources – It has now become my second largest holding and as Michael Gentile noted, it’s his most undervalued holding. I’m still looking to buy more at these prices.

Northisle Copper & Gold – Continues to write the book on how to be successful in going from junior explorer to major producer. Guided by a CEO I wish I could clone and put elsewhere too.

Radisson Mining – Buy, Hold, sell after takeover. Has got 2 of those 3 achieved in my book.

Solstice Gold – Treat as lottery ticket. Speculate in some shares. Put in draw. Look again in 6 to 12 months.

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Yes, it’s true. After a 10-year absence, I’m returning to speak and attend a major investment conference. And what better place for the “Farewell Tour” to start then in Quebec City.

My wife is joining me, and I will finally get to meet Michael Gentile up close and personal (He’s speaking too).

Info on conference here.