This excellent sentiment chart was missing one key point – when it’s so bad you feel like committing suicide.

We’re there now when it comes to mining shares and junior resource stocks.

“it feels weird sending this email, but I’ve been in a state of inner turmoil all day today. I’m a big risk taker in one of my biggest positions is ______, they got pummeled today in the market. And on top of what’s been going on since the beginning of the year my portfolio has dropped by 150,000. We don’t have any debt, and still have a nice cushion. But I’m feeling like complete worm of a person. Let me know if you got 5 minutes to talk.” 

I received the above email from one of the nicest and intelligent people I met in recent years. We ended up speaking on the phone, as we have much in common regarding how we feel about owning mining shares and junior resource stocks (It’s a tough job but somebody had to do it-lol).

I noted recently on my “X” page, that gold needed one more dip towards, or even briefly below $2,000, to get the final shakeout for the shares, especially since the majors were finally seeing this attitude too:

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It’s not uncommon now to hear things like “if these mining shares ever rally again, I’m out forever”, or “I will never own one again” and that’s just my wife – LOL

You wouldn’t know we have lived through the worst bear market for these type of stocks in the modern era if you wait to hear the typical person who speaks about these shares professionally, thanks to their inability to publicly say:

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But, here we are with really just two choices:

1 – Run for our lives:

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2 – Stay and ask:

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I’ve chosen #2