If I in any way helped you in 2023, would you return the favor now by honoring my Christmas wish with a donation to Souls of Christ Uganda Orphanage?

To show my appreciation, I’m going to match all gracious gifts (through December 24, 2023) up to a total of $5,000 U.S., thereby raising $10,000+ for this incredible Godly place, with an awesome leader, and great kids!

You can donate through this GoFundMe page and remember, you don’t have to pay any platform fee (just move link to 0%).

May of us have given multiple times before. Rest assured, it all goes directly to the orphanage and kids. Gina Morresi, the organizer of the GOFundMe page, is a friend of mine.

Please read this.

Peace Be With You!

God Bless!

Peter Grandich