This story is sadly not uncommon for professional athletes. It’s why almost 25 years ago, I was co-founder of Trinity Financial, Sports & Entertainment Management Company.

What makes this particular story especially troublesome for me, is the fact that David Tyree was one of my best friends from the sports world.

Long before and after the ultimate 15 minutes of fame, David was truly a child of the Living Christ. He and his wife home school and raised the absolutely most beautiful and best behaved children I ever met.

I was not part of this business decision. But I know for absolute certain, whatever David claims occurred, did so just like he said.

I decided to write about it only after seeing so many of the comments in the article. These folks have no idea how truly special David and his family are. He did this not for fame and fortune, but to support his desire to remain strong in Christian ministry.

I pray that hope remains despite this monetary setback.

This is my favorite David Tyree story: