Bill Wegner’s last public sharing, just a few days before he would pass away in his sleep.

Come March 18th, it will be 2 years that I lost my best friend ever, Bill Wegner. He was my everything – best friend, spiritual teacher, my rock at my lowest points in life. I miss him so much and weep as I type this. But before Bill was called home, I was able to show him what he was if he had a collar – Father Chapin is Bill’s brother he never got to know as I have. Father Chapin is a true blessing at a time when the Church, along with the world, is heading in the wrong direction. I urge you to subscribe to his YouTube channel and order his new book

Peace Be With you!

P.S. If it’s God’s will, Mary and I are going out to visit the good Father in Nitro. WV, and will let you know when if you like to meet him with us.