While I haven’t been to Canada since 2014,  for 25 years, it would be my home away from home. 5 to 10 trips a year, and countless TV and radio appearances during that period.

Like in America, dark clouds are just about everywhere, and Almighty God has been push aside or completely out of daily life for many.

In Edmonton, the good Lord has raised a voice to share the “Good News” of Jesus Christ. 

God-willing, my trip to Quebec City this June will be the start of a “Farewell Tour” for me. If it’s God’s will, please find me back in so many places in Canada I loved, from Vancouver to St. John’s.

I had a most-blessed interview here

P.S. It appears after decades of me making fun of a certain Canadian hockey team, I may finally have to eat crow – stay tuned.

Special Note – I will not be in the office from Holy Thursday through Easter Monday.