Bo Kimble

Gregory “Bo” Kimble is as well known for his college basketball career as he is for his pro career. A native of Philadelphia, Kimble played at Dobbins Technical High School, where he and teammate/best friend Hank Gathers led the team to the league championship in 1985. The pair went on to play college basketball where they were an integral part of a historic Loyola Marymount offense that still owns the five highest single game scoring totals in NCAA history. After the tragic passing of Gathers in the 1990 WCC Tournament, Kimble led the Lions to one of the most memorable post-season runs in NCAA Tournament history. The run was best symbolized by the right-handed Kimble shooting his first free throw in each NCAA Tournament game left-handed in memory of Gathers. As a result, Los Angeles County declared July 17, 1990, to be “Bo Kimble Day.”

In the 1990 NBA draft, the 6-5 guard was picked by the Los Angeles Clippers. He played with the Clippers until 1992, when he was traded to the NY Knicks and played one more season.

Since leaving basketball, Kimble devotes his time to the nonprofit organization Forty-Four for Life, which aims to decrease the rate of death and disability from life-threatening heart disease. He also runs multiple businesses.