Brian Propp

Brian Propp played 15 years in the National Hockey League from 1979 to 1994. He is currently the Director of Strategic Relationships for Wolf Commercial Real Estate and has worked as a broadcaster for the Philadelphia Flyers for nine seasons. Additionally, he serves as a Flyers Team Ambassador.

Propp was known for his unique goal celebration dubbed “The Guffaw.”  After scoring a goal, he would skate towards center ice, place his right glove under his left arm and raise his right arm in a waving fashion. While making the gesture, Propp would say, “Guffaw!” Propp credits the celebration to comedian Howie Mandel. During an Atlantic City show, Mandel suggested it would be great if, instead of cheering and clapping, everyone just waved their arms and said, “Guffaw!” Propp adopted “The Guffaw,” and it became his signature move, first appearing the 1986-87 season. To this day, he still signs autographs with the “Guffaw” slogan.

Peter Grandich’s Endorsement of Brian Propp