Back at the end of 2021, I stated it was my belief it would be best to be out of all equities not related to natural resources, all bond positions, and that gold would outperform them both for at least the next 3 years. This was highly controversial, and very few implemented such a strategy.

As of today, this is where one would stand

Gold Up 18%
S & P 500 Up 9%
DJIA Up 8%
10-Yr. T-Bond yield rose from 1.76% to 4.31% worst two-year performance ever!

On January 1, 2024, I ratcheted up my concerns by issuing this podcast.

Earlier this month, I grew even more concern over several issues that had become acute.

This new interview of me  below is an absolute must listen to, as things are becoming even more alarming on each passing day:

I believe you only have two choices:

Be a live chicken versus a dead duck and join me in the foxhole.

Run Away Nuclear Bomb GIF by Identity
Or hope you’re a good runner!

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