Now more than ever, “X” (Twitter) is my primary way of communicating to clients, friends, and followers. I’m also finding time to take questions there on spur-of-the-moment basis.

U.S. Stock Market – Continues to suggest a major topping formation, as even the Generals now are unable to rally the troops for long. Had hoped to get short above DJIA 40,000, but that opportunity is dwindling.

U.S. Bonds – I’m sticking with 1 – 2yr T-Bills/Notes and same maturity for CDs. Lesser of two evils for the majority of folks.

Gold, Silver, and Copper – Healthy consolidation now, for even much higher prices later. We don’t often get what we wish for, but have gotten in early enough to benefit either way.

Mining Shares – The anticipated increase in M & A is here. BHP going after Anglo American, and several smaller deals recently. 

Junior Resource Stocks – I feel like this guy:

Recent Tweets of mine worth reading again:

Peter Grandich on X: “You already know what I think about “BIT-CON” This news below will be played down by the Crypto-Nuts, Cult, but think about it, they have deemed BITCON non-worthy of credit-PERIOD! I will remind all yet again, there are only “3” Tier-One” investments in…” / X (

Peter Grandich on X: “This article makes some very good points for Northern Superior shareholders. Given what IAMGOLD paid back in December, it’s fair to say with gold hundres of dollars higher, and what NSUPF/SUP has in it’s holdings, a $50 to $60+ per ounce valuation on a…” / X (

Peter Grandich on X: “@hou5sehunter I will share my top 5 holdings, and understand it’s partly due to some being worth more, but not neccesarily more favorite. It also doesn’t mean if not mentioned, they’re not worthy. I can’t buy everything despite my wife accusing me of that. Northern Superior Resources Arizona…” / X (

Peter Grandich on X: “Towards the end of March, some “goldbugs” were disturbed when I suggested taking a little profit in big gold gains and put it into copper. Please note copper is up % twice as much as gold from that point to now. Now, gold, copper, and silver, are all relatively the same…” / X (

The schedule is now out for my first conference speech in 10 years. 

The financial markets are going to be a battle, so:

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