Satellite Offices

West Corporate Hub

I’m most pleased that our alliance with Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Lederman & Paone, P.A is doing well. It comes as no surprise for me as I’ve been recommending Bob Munoz for estate planning services for almost two decades. He’s also been my corporate attorney for about the same length of time.

PG and Bob Munoz

While Spring Lake will serve as my main office, it’s very nice to have the usage of the conference room below at the law firm. It’s just 10 minutes from my home.

Thank you, God, for Bob, his firm, and a place to serve others!

Millstone Township

Spano Brothers Millstone NJ

Peter Grandich and Company opened a satellite office in Millstone Township in 2019. This satellite office was established in order to better-serve its rapidly-growing client base in Western Monmouth County.

“My wife and I had been privileged to reside in Millstone Township, which is widely-known for having one of the most-beautiful, country-like settings in New Jersey,” said Peter Grandich, Managing Member of Peter Grandich and Company. “By establishing this satellite office as an extension of our corporate office in Spring Lake, I feel that I am truly blessed to be ‘having my cake and eating it, too.’”

Prior to this expansion into Millstone Township, Grandich has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the team at Spano Partners Holdings.

“The Spano Family Charitable Foundation and I have been honored to work together for almost two decades assisting many worthy causes, including The Fealgood Foundation, The Ashley Lauren Foundation and Good News Ministries,” he added.

Spano Partners Holdings is a diverse real estate investment firm with a focus on renewable energy solar PV projects. Their team combines extensive experience in real estate land development, finance and utility-scale solar development to pioneer the most innovative renewable energy solutions in the country. Additionally, they fund philanthropic development work around the world.

“Peter Grandich has been a dear friend and supporter of worthy causes for as long as Spano Partners has been operating out of Millstone Township,” said Joe Spano, Managing Partner of Spano Partners Holdings. “We welcome him back to the community he loves so much.