If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words:

If 40,000 is taken out, I will look to go short the U.S. stock market.

While the clear lesser of two evils over equities, the insanity of massive deficit spending and debt accumulation, will lead to many Americans falling into a hole only Almighty God could save them from.

The U.S. Dollar best days are  now behind us. One of Wall Street’s biggest blunders will be not realizing the BRICS will end up being to world trade what the Indusrial Revolution was – a radical change with America outside looking in this time around.

Ownership of gold has never been a better choice over most other investment vehicles in my 40-year career.

The most hated and contrarian play in my 40-year career is:

All I said was “mining shares and junior resource stocks are the buy of the century”.

40-years ago this March, I began my career on Wall Street. I regret not saving many more old videos of “the kid”.

Peace Be With You – Peter Grandich