Despite most recent all-time highs in the stock and bond markets, supposedly greater employment and low inflation, the vast majority of Americans continue to worry about their finances. You would think they shouldn’t, given all the financial industry commercials claiming they have the answer to those woes. Nice in theory, poor in reality!

Trust me, it doesn’t win friends or invitations to financial institutions’ Christmas parties when I continuously say, that “traditional financial planning” offered by most in the financial services industry, is a badly-flawed process destine to fail or fall short of the consumers’ expectations.

And, when those fears are heightened by a “shock” to the financial markets, those consumers react like “deer in the headlights” and they eventually simply “hope” that things get better. Hope is a wonderful, spiritual strategy, but it is a lousy financial one!

Now more than ever, I believe that my “Seven Deadly Sins of Finance” is a must-read, and I welcome you to share it with those you care about.

Your children and grandchildren, if you were blessed to have them, I suggest spending some quality time with them and reading together with them, or gifting them to read, myKids and Cash:  What Every Parent Needs to Know to Raise a Financially-Healthy Child, which is a great guideline to start on the right financial path early in life.

Please feel free to include my book “Confessions of a Former Wall Street Whiz Kid” and a “Biblical Perspective on Matters of Finance” as well.

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I believe that our alternative to traditional financial planning process works because it’s inspired by principles taught in the most-read Book in history, and it actually illustrates the real-life ups and downs that I have experienced in my 34 years in and around the financial arena. You will see your experiences in the Book, too.

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