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I would hope “gloating” would not be a word used by others to describe me when I speak. But I do need to pat-myself on the back for expressing a financial prognostication, few if any, did at the time.

Back at the end of 2021, I emphatically expressed a belief that for pure capital gains, gold would outperform both stocks and bonds through at least 2024.

How did that work out so far? Since January 1, 2022:

Gold up 32%

S & P 500 Up 12%

10-Yr Bonds down 20%+

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May I also add a few other “outlooks” that did quite well:

  • Made Uranium my favorite metal when it was around $20 and rode it, with those who produce it (and hold it as an investment) as my favorite stocks. I was a big bull on Uranium until it came close to $110 at the start of the year. Gains of 100% to 500% were common. I then suggested taking those gains and plow them into gold, silver, and “copper”. The most amazing result, was to make Copper my favorite of them all several weeks ago under $4. I said it was going to $5+. It has indeed by rising 25% in just a few weeks. It would be like gold rising $600, or the DJIA 10,000 points, in that short period of time!

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But proving I too put my pant legs on one leg at a time, the love of mining stocks and especially junior resource companies, received the following until most recently:

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In an industry where you’re only good as your last call, and before too long, many investors will state “what have you done for me lately”, here’s what I think going forward:

My 5 largest personal holdings ($ Value) 1-Arizona Metals (AZMCF), 2-Northern Superior Resources (NSUPF), 3-Canter Resources (CNRCF), 4-Radisson Mining (RMRDF) 5 – American Pacific Mining (USGDF). Blog Sponsors/Fees

The “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd that makes up much of the financial services industry (and the financial media tied to their hips), wear blinders not to see the real world knowing if they did, it wouldn’t sell.
Here again, I suspect I find myself the exception to the rule on believing much of what is stated in this video will negatively impact financial assets:

What really only matters:

Peace Be With You!