43 years ago, I would wed the greatest Irish Lass ever to come from a “wee-small” little Island in the North Atlantic.

We would do so in her little Irish Church Parish, in Rath, County Offaly, Ireland.

Now, our daughter Tara, engaged to be married on June 27, 2025, has decided to be wed in the same church, with a very special priest hopefully doing the ceremony:

Father Ray Kelly, who went to the finals of the BGT, is now actually the parish priest of Rath Church and please God, will do the marriage and sing (significant donation to church not a problem).

The wedding is to be held at a real castle near my wife’s home town, and ironically, a place we went to often when home and Tara loved as child because it was supposed to be haunted.

May this 45-year fairy tale of mine in the making, have the happiest of endings come June 27, 2025