With truly no disrespect to any and all who bless me with the gift of sharing my financial observations to their audiences, my appearances on Relevant Radio with Host, Drew Mariani, are a gift from God.

I like to encourage you to listen to our latest interview, and to note that it’s now a standard, open offer, that I will speak for one hour, with anyone who donates $250 or more, to Relevant Radio, sends me the receipt, and I will then set up with them a date and time that works for both of us.

I am so grateful that I can openly share my faith and finance with Drew and his audience, and want to do my part in supporting the network.

P.S. It’s my fondest wish that I soon will be able to flip the switch and interview Drew for my YouTube Channel.

I have my dress for that interview already picked out.

Peter Grandich and David Tyree.