Having already discussed the ramifications from spiraling out of control debt, and both a retirement and aging crisis, there are three other huge factors that all combined, lead me to state within 3 to 5 years tops, America will be struggling through its worst-ever economic, social, and political era, that for many, will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

They are:

  • Immigration Invasion
  • Political Paralysis.

Yes, it is an invasion – Our border crisis – Gary Franks, Daily Press

“Do weapons need to be involved for there to be an invasion? Border states and numerous other states run by Republican governors say no. They would argue that an invasion can be an unwanted overflow or steady stream of people entering your property illegally. If you agree, then President Joe Biden should be impeached if he refuses to use the military to protect America. Such a provision is in the U.S. Constitution. Section 4 on the Republican Form of Government says:” The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

The mere fact that we must beg our president – or at least negotiate with him – to protect America is causing all of our dead presidents to roll over in their graves. Biden has current law and executive powers at his disposal to protect America, especially during a crisis like the one along our border with Mexico. Legislative fixes can be debated later. Like a plumber, we must stop the flow of water (people) before we can fix the pipes (our broken immigration system). No plumber would attempt to do both at the same time.

Weapons were not used when the United States toppled the once mighty U.S.S.R. to end the 40-year Cold War. It was about economics. The Soviet form of government (communism) failed. The people invading America are coming here largely due to – yes, you guessed it – economics. They could stop in Mexico or remain in Mexico where they could peacefully and safely live.

Economics are what drive modern-day wars. Not understanding that would place you in the colonial era of U.S. history when Native Americans thought bows and arrows were the weapons of the day. They too found out the hard way. Early European settlers never used them; they had something else: guns and bullets. Weapons change.

Economic reasons must not allow anyone to jump the immigration line. That is the law already. We have limits on legal immigration, and everyone must abide by those limits. That is the law already. While being considered for entry into the U.S., migrants should be forced to remain in Mexico. That was the policy before Biden.

The Mexican president brags about how safe his country is. So where is the problem? It is not about seeking asylum; it is all about seeking economic opportunity.

A massive rush over our border is not considered an invasion by Biden and the Democrats because in their definition of “invasion” the millions of migrants trying to get in do not have weapons. So, no weapons, no invasion. I strongly disagree. Weapons of choice today are not B1 bombers, submarines, or stealth technology. Today’s weapon is economics. In fact, we are engaged in an economic war.

We use sanctions against those we do not like, hurting them economically. Folks like Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega and others respond by organizing flights for migrants from around the world – including Russians and Chinese – assisting them along with the cartels in getting into America because of the political definition of invasion used by Biden and the Democrats.

We cannot continue the economic course we are on with trillions of dollars in deficits yearly, resulting in a rapidly growing national debt. All bad things come to a head eventually. Even Uncle Sam’s credit card can get declined. Even the top “money man” in the nation – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell – proclaimed on a recent 60 Minutes Show that our debt is “unsustainable.”

That would be like having a zillion dollars in Confederate bills after the Civil War. You instantly become poor. We should all understand that the two most uncontrollable expenses are the interest payments on our $34 trillion debt and healthcare costs for the indigent (Medicaid), which is rapidly reaching $1 trillion a year.

Millions of illegal immigrants who have entered America and are allowed to work in low-paying jobs would eventually qualify for Medicaid benefits. More illegals are encouraged to follow their lead. As a result, we will see our annual national deficit balloon even more. Allowing illegals to flood our cities and states also has a crippling effect on those jurisdictions because, unlike the federal government, they are required to balance their budgets yearly. The results of these unexpected and large expenses of providing for illegal migrants force us to make deep budget cuts that affect all Americans. Veterans, education for children, and social programs addressing crime and safety all suffer.

All this is because Biden and the Democrats do not see guns or knives coming across the border. The “weapons” are human beings, Mr. President. And if allowed to continue, the U.S., like the Roman Empire, will fall. The America we all grew up in will be destroyed. Let’s not forget that an invasion and the inability to provide services to citizens were the primary reasons the Roman Empire fell. If we do not understand history, we are doomed to repeat it. Imagine if illegals were accurately described as being part of an invasion. Then we could employ our military to solve the crisis. Stop the flow of illegal immigrants immediately! This is what many governors and large city mayors are crying for. Mr. President, do not blame others for not doing what “you can do” but choose “not to do.”

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As I close in on my 40th year in and around the financial arena, I find myself from a secular prospective, petrified over what’s facing America economically, socially, and politically.

I believe three mottos are a must:

1 – Preservation of Capital over Capital Appreciation (Cash Flow over Net Worth) is #1 Financial Strategy.

2 – Less is more. Disregard keeping up with the Joneses.

3 – Be a live chicken versus a dead duck.

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