Mary and Peter Grandich, married in Birr, County Offaly, Ireland 4/20/81

It’s my fondest wish to visit Ireland in late September/October this year, and see special places I’ve been fond of for years:

Killarney will be first stop, a place I spent many times over the years, but this time will mainly be to see a man who meant so much in our lives, Father Brenadan Williams

Then it will be off to Wicklow to meet Katherine Fulvio, who Mary and I have watched for years on Television.

Then it’s off to Eniniscorthy, County Wexford, to stand where the scene above from my all-time favorite movie was filmed, “Brooklyn”.

Last but certainly not least, off to Cong, County Mayo, to see where the all-time classic, “The Quiet Man” was filmed.

The final leg will be spent visiting Mary’s family in County Offaly.

Maybe we’ll share a pint while I’m there. You never know.